How we work

The followings are the procedures how Techno Celebes build an app

Collect requirement

Customer describes thoroughly about the problems they encounter and need to be resolved


We’re giving out our best solutions to unravel given problems


After being presented with several solutions, the customer then locks on which options they feel the most appropriate


After being agreed on, we’ll work on the chosen option with haste

Testing and Review

The result would then be tested with both Techno Celebes representative and Customer being present


Lauching will be underway only if the results are satisfactory

Experience (Years)
Finished projects
Ongoing Projects
Number of experts

Frequently asled question

You can do one of the followings :

  1. Directly go to our office at 35, Tadulako Street, Palu City, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
  2. Contact us through the contact page
  3. Contact us via email
  4. Contact us via whatsapp at +62-821-9407-7126<
  5. Reach us through our social media (Facebook and Instagram) - Slow Response

Jika aplikasi tidak selesai tepat waktu, maka akan mendapat diskon sesuai perjanjian di surat perjanjian

Pembayaran hanya dilakukan di rekening CV Techno Celebes atau melalui cash di kantor CV Techno Celebes. Jika terdapat pihak yang ingin membayar di luar dari ketentuan di atas, maka itu di luar dari tanggung jawab kami.

Mengenai pembayaran layanan, konsumen dapat memilih untuk melunasi semuanya atau membayar DP sebesar 50%